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Shimano Aero

A few different frames were made with this Tange Aero tubing and branded Standish, Madison, Panasonic, Gemini etc. This one had no distinguishing marks to identify it so we played it safe sourced some Shimano Aero decals, these bikes were all about showcasing the groupset anyway. Shimano Dura Ace AX, only made from 1982-1983 it’s very rare and even more so in this condition. It was all about aerodynamics (well it was the 80’s), the centre-pull brakes, the seamless stem, the bunny-ear shifters, even the hubs had recesses so the spokes could lie flat against the flange. This one has mostly Dura Ace with a couple of 600 bits thrown in.  it was in a pretty bad state when we got it but it was restored, cleaned, polished and we even rebuilt the wheels with new spokes. The original Kashimax saddle was kept but re-covered and Panaracer Pasela tyres were sourced to complete the build.

On Sale for $1200