Bicycle Servicing


Bicycle Servicing and Repairs:

Classic and Vintage.  If you have an older bike you might not feel the love from other bike shops, you will frequently be told that it’s not worth repairing or that you’d be better spending your money on a new bike (like one of the ones in their showroom), but at Recycles we understand the love you have for your vintage bike because we have that love too. An old bike is like an old friend, sure it might not be too reliable but you’ve had some great times together and there will be more to come. We will be honest with you about the viability of repairing your older bike and can use our stock of second hand parts to get you back on the road as cheaply as possible, and if the worst does come to the worst we can take your bike as a trade-in against one of our fully serviced second hand bikes and potentially use parts from your old bike to get someone else back on the road, and on it goes.

Modern.  Just because we love older bikes doesn’t mean we don’t love modern ones. Between us we have more than 50 years experience riding and working on bikes of all types and have seen every major trend come and go (a few have stayed). In our collective stable we have vintage and modern steel, alluminium, high end carbon, vintage and modern titanium and are well versed in maintaining them all. As well as commuting we both ride on and off road for fun and have been avid mountain bikers since the early 90s.

At Recycles we think we offer the best value servicing in Sydney. Our standard service (the Inbetweener) is $100 and should be all you need, but if you want a little less or a little more we’ve got you covered.  All bikes are different so we can tailor the service to the individual bike/rider spending more time where we feel it’s needed.

We will discuss any other issues you have with the bike when you bring it in and advise if we think you need a new chain/cassette/cables prior to the work being carried out and advise of costs.

We are also happy to fit any parts you may have bought from online suppliers such as ChainReaction, Wiggle or JensonUSA and are not confident enough to fit yourself, this can be as simple as a new chain or a complete braking system.










Pit stop  $60

  • Basic Gear tune
  • Basic Brake tune
  • Crank arms, other frame bolts checked for tightness.
  • Chain lubed
  • Tyres inflated to correct pressure


Inbetweener  $100

  • Bottom bracket & headset checked for play and adjusted.
  • Wheels trued and wheel bearing checked and adjusted
  • All cables checked for damage/fraying
  • Brakes adjusted
  • Gears tuned (back and front derailleurs).
  • Chain checked for wear and lubed
  • Crank arms, pedals and other frame bolts checked for tightness
  • Tyres inflated to correct pressure.
  • Courtesy wipe-down of frame..


Full Monty  $160

Everything from the Inbetweener plus:

  • Clean inspect and regrease bottom bracket
  • Clean inspect and regrease headset
  • Full bike clean and degrease


Old Dirty Bastard  $160 +

For older classic bikes that are looking a bit rough around the edges this is like a mini restoration and includes everything from the Inbetweener plus:

  • Clean, inspect and regrease bottom bracket
  • Clean, inspect and regrease headset
  • Full bike clean and degrease
  • Cleaning of old parts with steel wool to bring back shine or
  • Replacement of old parts that are beyond repair