About Recycles

At Recycles our aim is simple. To provide affordable second hand bicycles and low cost repairs to Sydney commuters in a manner that is as sustainable as possible. Cycling is great way to get around the city, it’s cheap (or it can be), it gets you fit and it’s good for the environment and despite the efforts of Duncan Gay and Mike Baird (booo!) Sydney is a still a good city to cycle around. Thanks to Clover Moore (yay!) there is a decent network of cycle ways to use. That along with the glorious Australian weather means you have no excuse for not getting on a bike. We aim to be as sustainable as possible by reusing bikes, frames and parts that would otherwise be thrown away and bringing old bikes back to life. Transport doesn’t get any more sustainable than that.

How did it happen?

Recycles is the brainchild of two friends from Scotland, Euan and Al. After leaving home many years ago in opposite directions they met up in Sydney in 2014 and realised there was nowhere to buy a decent second hand bicycle in Sydney. As Euan had worked at similar businesses in Scotland and Canada he could see the potential. Recycles had very humble beginnings and for a short time was run from a garage in Randwick. After a chance encounter at the Cyclorama festival Recycles was set up in a shared basement in Darlinghurst on Foley Street.

Humble beginings

Humble beginnings











After a year of sharing this work space with a couple of other small businesses it was time to make the break. The boys had gathered a small but loyal customer base over the first year and they had proved there was public support for what they were doing. New premises at 123 Enmore Road were secured and the break was made.


Why we do it:

Bringing bikes back from the dead. We hate to see waste, and we especially hate to see wasted bikes. So many people throw stuff away and replace it even if it can be reused. Decent quality bikes from the 70s, 80s and 90s were built to last and  even if they look a bit rusty the quality of the bearings and components etc means a service and clean-up will get another 5+ years out of them and perhaps more. Compare that to buying a new cheap bike which will end up in landfill in a few years.  It’s a no-brainer for us.


Click picture for virtual tour

Click picture for virtual tour